Brownsville fire victims identified

Inside the charred home on Dix St. is where 51 year old Raymond Zaragoza and his 1 year old grandson, Leon Esquivel and a puppy died in a fire on Sunday morning.

Fire Chief Lenny Perez said early indications point to the fire starting in the front of the home while they were sleeping. Sadly, no smoke detectors were inside.

"A smoke alarm we didn't see any that's something that could of vary well helped them and maybe gotten them out there quicker," said Fire Chief Leonardo Perez. A third victim, Penny Esquivel, had to be hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

She is expected to survive.

"You will be surprised once smoke starts filling your home, I mean its pitched black you need to be able to do it with your eyes closed without banging into furniture or stuff like that cause you can get disoriented very quickly," said Fire Chief Leonardo Perez. It's still unclear what caused the blaze.

Garza Memorial funeral home is handling the funeral services.

Exact details have yet to be finalized.

Chief Perez reminds families the importance of having a fire plan of action.

"The most important thing is to plan to escape find two ways to get out of your home more than anything else," said Fire Chief Leonardo Perez. A plan, he said, that should always include working smoke detectors.

A key piece proven to save lives.