Brownsville girl featured on Jimmy Kimmel show prank

A video with Brownsville girl Ava Macias was featured on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE

The show airs past her bedtime, but a Brownsville girl got to stay up late to watch herself on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.

Angelina Macias told Action 4 News that she recently participated in a prank sponsored by the show.

Kimmel asked viewers to make a video where their children open a Christmas gift early but the catch would be that it would be a bad gift.

In a video submitted to the show, Macias gave her daughter Ava a rotten banana for her early Christmas gift.

Ava is show in the second clip on the 5-minute segment. She's seen playing with the banana and then eating it.

The late night talk show uploaded the video to YouTube on Monday.

It TMs received more than 4,000,000 views since being uploaded.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube