Brownsville girl foils burglars' plans

The girl's home.

Brownsville police arrested three men Monday on burglary charges thanks to the help of a teenage girl.

Investigators said the trio broke into the home in broad daylight.

Inside the house, the girl was hiding in a closet with a cell phone ready to call police.

The teen lives with her mother.

She watched the entire burglary unfold.

When the suspects left, the girl peeked out a window and gave the vehicle description to the 911 dispatcher.

"The response to the call was quick enough where officers stopped the suspect vehicle blocks away from the residence," explained Brownsville Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique. "They had property belonging to the victim and her mom inside the vehicle."

Police arrested Jose Flores, Ismael Flores and Gonzalo Salazar.

All three have been charged with home burglary and organized crime.