Brownsville Homeowner Shoots at "Burglar"

Saul Ramirez, homeowner

A Brownsville homeowner fires back after he said someone broke into his home.

While Brownsville police are not releasing too many details on the case, Action 4 spoke to the homeowner, who claims not only did the suspect try to take his car, but also attempted to kidnap his sister.

Pieces of glass scatter the driveway of Saul Ramirez's home off Frankfurt Street in Brownsville.

"The first thing I did was, I got to get this guy before he gets us," said homeowner Saul Ramirez.

Ramirez claimed the suspect was stalking his sister.

Last week, the man allegedly stole Ramirez's sister TMs truck.

Last night, the man returned.

"He actually came into the house, tried to grab my sister, and pull her out and tried to take her," said Ramirez.

What was more frightening was what Ramirez said they found in the truck.

"We found crack pipes, binding rope, tape, and saran wrap," he recalled.

He claimed the man tried taking his sister, but Ramirez grabbed his gun and chased the man out of the house.

He then fired one shot.

"I was thinking about if he comes back in here, you know, he can hurt one of the kids, hurt my sister, my mom," said a concerned Ramirez.

Ramirez said hopefully it's enough to keep the ex from coming back.

Ramirez's red convertible was damaged during the ordeal, but he said nothing is more important than his family's safety.

The suspect did manage to escape on foot.

Ramirez's family wants the nightmare to come to an end. They have filed several reports with the Brownsville Police Department.