Brownsville ISD taking precaution for West Nile

On any given hot weekday afternoon in the valley you'll find teenagers outdoors practicing the sport of the season.

"We are trying to stay away from the dusk and dawn obviously when they are more active," said Athletic Director Mark Guess. Mark Guess Athletic Director of BISD is referring to mosquitoes; and with cases of West Nile virus on the rise in the stat, he's taking the pesky insects very seriously especially with students in the district exposed to the elements on a daily basis. But with football in full swing the show must go on.

"We are fighting a double edge sword with mosquitoes early in the morning and the heat at midday so we are trying to find a comfortable zone in between where we can accommodate both issues"

The task has not been easy.

Brownsville ISD has over 60 practice fields to spray in an effort to tackle the vectors of the potentially deadly disease.

"We hope to help prevent the spread of disease and if we can keep a person from getting than we are going to be better off because of it," He added.

For precaution, coaches have been told to keep an eye out around the fields for any standing water and report high grass.