Brownsville LSD arrest raises eyebrows

A Brownsville teen has been removed from school after administrators said he was caught with a dangerous and hallucinogenic drug.

Brownsville ISD police arrested 17-year-old Lopez High School student Ricardo Louis Rodriguez on Tuesday.

School district spokeswoman Drue Brown said Rodriguez was caught with the psychoactive drug LSD.

Brownsville said school district police held a random K-9 search at the school but.

The K-9 alerted officers to Rodriguez's jacket.

Rodriguez was asked to empty his pockets and that's when officers found a unit of LSD on him.

The teen allegedly told police that he bought the drug off-campus for his own personal use.

Officers charged Rodriguez with possession of a controlled substance.

BISD administrators told Action 4 News that random K-9 searches are routinely done on all campuses.

According to the Brownsville ISD student code of conduct, the teen will receive a mandatory expulsion to an alternative education program.

Action 4 News spoke to the Palmer Drug Abuse Program in McAllen to see if this type of drug abuse is common among local teens.

Experts form the drug abuse center said abusing LSD is actually very rare in the Rio Grande Valley.

But they said the its use can lead to long term effects such as psychological problems and other mental health issues.