Brownsville mall defends security after punches thrown, hair pulled in taped girl fight

Every slap, punch, kick and hair pull is caught on tape and posted online for the world to see.

"Wow... That's terrible," said Nicolasa Olvera.

Girl-on-girl brawls are nothing new.

But the staging ground for this student showdown at the Sunrise Mall in Brownsville is raising questions about public safety.

"Where's security during all this," asked Estie Lozano.

Cesar Briseno is the mall's general manager.

Action 4 News showed him the fight video.

"It's upsetting," he said. "Nobody wants that to happen... But when all is said and done...It's very difficult for us to take a hundred percent of the blame."

Mall security is considered top notch, according to Briseno.

"This is part of the camera system," he pointed out.

Cesar gave Action 4 News a tour of his security department TMs network of 28 cameras.

Big brother monitors record activity around the clock, both inside and outside the mall.

About a dozen security officers roam the grounds, both on foot, and behind the wheel for protection.

While fights aren't common, Cesar says children need to be supervised.

"They're not being properly escorted by a parent... Of course this can always happen."

Security gets no help from the dozen or so spectators who simply watch and record the fight, including one person who's seen peeking out from an employee exit-only door.

The fight lasts about 30 seconds.

No camera points in the direction of where the brawl takes place, which ironically is feet from an entrance to mall security and administration.

Cesar reassures people the mall is safe and urged parents to be proactive.

"We typically recommend that nobody under the age of 16 be left at the mall alone... any mall," he said.

Parents who talked to Action 4 News after watching the fight video agree with his recommendation.

"You don't know what your kids are doing 24-7," Lozano said.

Law enforcement say student fights shouldn TMt be taken lightly.

Some can lead to life-long consequences.

A 10-year-old girl from Long Beach, California died after a reported fight with her classmate.

Drue Brown, spokesperson for Brownsville Independent School District, warns students how disciplinary action could be taken against them, even if a fight happens off school property.

Any Texas school district, given the circumstances, can take action if there is a reasonable belief that a student has engaged in conduct punishable as a felony, she said.

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