Brownsville man claims government officials stole land, wants it back

Mauro Ruiz Cisneros claims corrupt high ranking officials stole his family's property, about 90-thousand acres to be exact.

The judge gave the defendants the okay but then he said hold it bring me the documents, who sold you these lands and that TMs where it ended," Cisneros said.

Cisneros said he has historical documents dating back to the 1700's to prove the land belongs to his family.

Claiming his land starts on the causeway and the anticipated site of Space X, is also rightfully his.

"In 1815, the 11th of March let the Senate know the United States how these people who were the real owners were deputed by people that made the conspiracy to steal these documents. We have the full story on how the stolen documents of Camargo were taken, how they brought them to Texas, Rio Grande Valley and Hidalgo County," Rudolfo Ruiz said.

Mauro has been working on arming himself for 8 to 10 years; saying he's getting ready for the fight of his life, staking claim on what he says is rightfully his.

Action 4 News took Mauro's claims to Cameron County Judge Cascos he says in a statement:

"If they believe and can prove that they have a legitimate right to whatever property they are referring to, they also have a right to pursue whatever legal action is necessary to protect their ownership rights."

"If we follow the rules of the game, which the factor of the rule is jurisdiction is the Senate, I don TMt think we should have any problem which is a treaty and the article 6 of the U.S Constitution says you will respect the treaty," Cisneros said.

Mauro said he just wants the Senate to approve the jurisdiction.

If that happens---he and his family will get reimbursed for the land that is theirs that has already been built upon.

He adds---he will also stop Space X from moving down to the Rio Grande Valley and setting up shop on his property.

"We don TMt want Space X here and we also want to clarify that this land was taken and stolen from us," Cisneros said. If the Cisneros family gets the money they're expecting...they say they'll use it to help others.

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