Brownsville man jailed after boy wandered onto the streets alone

Edgar Cadena // Brownsville Police Department Photo

A Brownsville man is facing criminal charges after a 4-year-old boy his wife was supposed to be babysitting wandered alone into the streets.

Brownsville police arrested 31-year-old Edgar Cadena on a child endangerment charge on Tuesday morning.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the boy TMs mother dropped him off at his babysitter TMs house while she went to work.

Cadena allegedly answered the door but didn TMt let his wife know the boy was there.

Police said Cadena turned on the television for the boy and then went back to sleep.

The unsupervised boy reportedly opened the door and wandered out on the streets where a neighbor found him and took him to a nearby school.

School officials couldn TMt identify the boy, so they contacted police who traced the boy's steps back to Cadena TMs home.

Investigators reported that the boy was not injured and was returned to the custody of his mother.