Brownsville man jailed following failed rape attempt

An invitation to a barbecue turns out to be anything but pleasant..after the invited guest is allegedly attacked by the host.

Brownsville police arrested 39-year-old Manuel Rodriguez on multiple criminal charges on Thursday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that it all happened as soon as the victim arrived to what she thought was a barbecue on Taylor Street.

The victim told police that Rodriguez forced her inside the home and threatened her with a knife.

According to the victim, Rodriguez hits her several times and attempted to take her clothes off.

Police said the victim managed to run out of the house and ask a passerby for a phone to call police.

But when they arrived, Rodriguez was gone.

Officers arrested Rodriguez on Friday morning after going to the victim's house upset that she had called police.

Investigators said he threatened neighbors, fled but was arrested near his home.

Police charged Rodriguez with aggravated assault, attempted sexual assault and terroristic threats.

Rodriguez appeared before a Brownsville municipal judge on Friday morning where he was issued $115,000 dollars in bonds.