Brownsville man pleads guilty to beating girlfriend

A Brownsville man is now facing five to 99 years, or life in prison, for beating his 21 year old girlfriend.

Marco Antonio Valdez pleaded guilty to beating the victim, who was left unrecognizable and unconscious at his home in May of 2012.

The victim was found by a visitor at the home lying on the couch.

According to prosecutors, the victim suffered such severe injuries that she had to have reconstructive surgery.

The victim told investigators that Valdez had a history of domestic violence, but often time it went unreported.

All too often such violent domestic violence incidents go unreported, or defendants receive a slap on the hand, said District Attorney Luis V. Saenz. These incidents can quickly turn fatal and/or scar victims for life.

District Attorney Saenz says he has launched a domestic violence campaign to address the treatment of such cases to include harsher penalties and marketing of the Office TMs firm stance against domestic violence.

A sentencing date for Valdez is set for March 1 in the 103rd state District court.