Brownsville mayor reacts to T-Mobile call center closure

Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez said the closing of the T-mobile Call Center in Brownsville come June, is not good.

"I TMm really saddened for the folks that will be affected," Martinez said.

The city got word of the closure not long ago, Martinez said, which came as an unpleasant surprise. He said the people losing their jobs will need to be open minded.

"It's a time to be agile and be a little bit more adaptive, because some parts of the economy are good and some are stagnating," Martinez said.The mayor said the city's economic development corporation is constantly working to draw new businesses to the city and help expand those already in existence, to create more jobs.

He hopes people will be patient and encourages them to try their skills at a new career.

"Our building permits are up, our commercial building permits are up|even though the housing market is not where it needs to be, the commercial is on an upwards scale," Martinez said.

In addition, the mayor said city officials will evaluate the impact the center's closure will have on the city's economy.

Approximately 475 people will end up without part time or full time jobs, and possibly turning to unemployment benefits.

"Are you talking about students that are going to college, are you talking part time jobs? Martinez said. I TMm not an economist, (but) if you know the total amount of the monies that flow through the city, it would give you an insight as to what effect can you assume (from the closure)."

In a statement T-Mobile said that the company will be closing seven call centers, which combined, employ about 3,300 people.

The company currently has 24 call centers which will be reduced to just 17.

The company adds it will offer current T-Mobile employees transfer opportunities as they will need to fill 1,400 positions at the remaining call centers.

Other call centers scheduled for closure include Allentown, Penn.; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Frisco, Texas; Lenexa, Kan.; Thornton, Colo. and Redmond, Ore.