Brownsville men jailed after marijuana stash house searched

Hundreds of pounds of marijuana were found inside a Brownsville apartment Thursday evening.

Police said they arrested two men stashing the drugs in their closet.

Brownsville police said it was inside one of these apartments on the 1000 block of Apollo Ave. that police found over 107 pounds of marijuana.

Neighbors said it seemed like any other evening.

People mingling on their patios and kids playing outside the apartments.

But in a matter of minutes, according to one woman, undercover Brownsville police officers surrounded the building.

Officers in the Special Investigation Unit, had been watching this area closely for several days. They went to the home Thursday looking for drugs.

According to police, the resident consented to the search of the apartment, and inside the closet were several bundles of marijuana.

"For this amount, we believe that they were going to distribute to their own people but it's unknown, said Agent Ted Torres. It's still under investigation. I can tell you that more arrests are pending"

Narciso Ibarra and Marvin Alvarez-Rovina were arrested without incident.

Both men face possession of marijuana charges- a second degree felony.

Brownsville police encourage all citizens to report drug activity or any other suspicious activity or drug related activity to the Brownsville Crime Stoppers hot-line at 546-TIPS.

Police said a confidential informant tipped them off to the stash house.

The drugs will be stored as evidence until they go to trial.