Brownsville mother leaves child home alone

A Brownsville woman has been arrested for allegedly leaving her 9-year-old daughter home alone.Police said Tuesday when they arrived at the apartment on Apollo Avenue, they found the child alone with piles of dirty clothes and spoiled food.Officers said they asked the girl if she knew what to do in case of an emergency and she said she did not.When the mother, Norma Resendez, got home, she was arrested and charged with child abandonment."Now is the time that a lot of parents get caught up in a babysitting stituation and tend to leave childeren at home by themselves," explained Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique. "They just need to know that these children need to be of the age they can make good desicions on their own."Resendez, who is not a U.S. citizen, was turned over to immigration officials.Child Protective Services took her children into custody.