Brownsville murder suspect awaits jury TMs verdict

Israel Vasquez Lopez awaits jury's verdict

The fate of a Brownsville man now rests in the hands of a jury.

Israel Vasquez Lopez is on trial for a murder right in Brownsville.

Lopez is accused of the death of Ezequiel Perez in October 2012 that began with an argument.

Brownsville police arrested Lopez a few days after the fleeing the scene.

Testimony and closing arguments in Lopez's murder trial finished Monday morning.

The suspect was out on parole for another killing.

According to court records, Lopez was out on parole for a murder in October 1990.

Lopez had a sentenced of 40 years in prison but received parole in November 2011.

Lopez will face five to 99 years in prison if convicted and sentencing for the parole violation in the 1990 murder case.

Deliberation will continue tomorrow.

Action 4 News will keep you updates on the jury TMs decision.