Brownsville murder suspect back in jail after getting ~accidentally TM released

More than four years ago 30-year-old Aaron Castillo was killed in a drive by shooting in Brownsville.

Police accused Randall Bolivar and two other men of allegedly shooting and killing him over a dispute stemming over $500 Castillo's brother owed them.

Fast forward four years later, Bolivar was back in the Valley, but not to face Castillo's murder charge.

Before they knew it, he was released and I don TMt think it happens very often, but it does once in a while, Sheriff Omar Lucio said.

Before heading to trial for the murder charge, Sheriff Lucio said Bolivar was first jailed in Texas on a marijuana charge from Kleberg County.

His problems did not end there.

Bolivar also had an outstanding warrant out of Dickson County in Tennessee.

They filed an extradition request and he was sent to that state.

But when that charge was dismissed, Bolivar was released on Wednesday.

He was never at flight risk, his attorney, Lisa Greenberg, said. He returned home to Brownsville and turned himself into parole, and tried to check in and they had the opportunity there to detain him.

Bolivar's attorney spoke with us over the phone from Corpus Christi.

She said he came back to the Valley, not knowing he was released by mistake.

Once in Brownsville his mother convinced him to turn himself in.

Sheriff Lucio said they are now waiting on word from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

They'll let us know and they say ~well we'll pick him up tomorrow, we'll pick him up Monday TM,he said. Or you need to bring him by here by the facilities, and if that is the case then we'll transport him over there.

Sheriff Lucio said Bolivar must finish the sentence out of Kleberg County as he awaits on Castillo TMs murder trial.

For now, he will remain at the Carrizales-Rucker Detention Center.

In addition to Bolivar, his brother Rodolfo and Rolando Garza also face murder charges.