Brownsville Museum Director Laid to Rest

Hundreds of friends and family members gathered at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Brownsville to pay their respects one last time to Barry Horn, former executive director for the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.

"I don TMt think he will be forgotten, especially by his commitment to the community, his museum, his art," Toni Rodriguez said.

She was a close friend who knew Horn intimately, for years she worked inside his home.

She said Horn, or Barry as he was affectionately known, was a kind man who would open up to others easily.

"He always had the right words to say to make you smile, to pick up your spirits, she added. I mean there are no words to describe the man he was, I'll miss him a lot," she said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

The funeral ceremony lasted under an hour, after which his body was cremated.

But his friends headed to a memorial ceremony at the Brownsville Musuem, where he worked for over a year and was the executive director.

That place is where the effects of his death could be felt the most.

"Seeing what Barry was able to do in bringing about art into the community and support the Brownsville community for art was a tremendous job that he was doing for all of us, said Gordon Bantel, Horn TMs childhood friend.

Horn was murdered inside his Brownsville home this past Saturday.

Autopsy results revealed Barry Horn was stabbed at least 77 times.

His alleged killer, Ernesto Ivan Marinez, was arrested and charged with his murder.

Rodriguez said it was a tragic end for Horn and that ended up taking his life too soon. "Now he's an angel above us, he'll watch over us like he always did," she said.