Brownsville New Year's Day Shooting

New Year's Eve got off to a rough start for several residents at Granjeno Street in Brownsville, getting even worse as the night progressed.

Brownsville police said there was an altercation between several residents in the area and then at about 4 a.m. New Year TMs Day.

Police said a 21-year-old man went back to the home where the altercation first took place and opened fire on a group of people.

In the group was a 12-year-old boy.

Police have not released information on what type of weapon was used or how many rounds were shot.

However, police said the boy and a man were shot in the abdomen and leg, and both were rushed to the hospital.

The alleged shooter tried running from police, but they quickly caught up and arrested him.

Police have not released the man's name, but said he faces multiple charges including seven counts for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count for unlawful possession of a weapon, one count for possession of marijuana and one count of evading arrest.

The man is expected to face a judge for a total of 11 charges.