Brownsville plastic bag ordinance affects retailers at Sunrise Mall

Walking through Sunrise Mall in Brownsville you may notice something different.

Shoppers walking around with these eco-friendly bags.

It TMs all part of a city wide effort to clean up Brownsville.

While we realize that plastic bags are not the only items out there that litter the environment, it TMs probably the one that people notice the most," said Art Rodriguez the City of Brownsville Health Director.

It TMs that problem that prompted city leaders to ban plastic bags all over town including clothing stores.

The ban took effect Wednesday and so far city leaders said everything is running smooth.

Action 4 News wanted to know what shoppers think.

I can bring any size bag I want| if I know what I TMm going to get, I just get the perfect size for it," said Caroline Avelar a Brownville shopper.

Ginger Pawkett another Brownsville shopper admits it TMs a little awkward but she TMll get use to it.

Even out-of-towners told us they support the ordinance.

Maru Carranco comes from Tamaulipas and said she's all for reusable bags.

Retailers at the mall are doing their part for this effort, they are providing customers with paper bags as an alternative.

Under the new city law those stores who continue to provide plastic bags will get fined 500 dollars per infraction.

Angelia Andrade is the store manager at Gavel and understands and agrees with the new law.

But there are some exceptions to the ordinance, garment bags for example will be provided with a purchase of a dress or business suit.

So remember next time you head to the store, make it a habit and grab it.