Brownsville plastic bag ordinance now in effect

It's official. The plastic bag ordinance is now in full effect in the City of Brownsville.

City leaders want to remind customers to bring their own recyclable bags when you shop.

Starting on Wednesday, the City of Brownsville is officially getting rid of plastic bags.

Stores like Lopez Supermarket will now be requiring reusable bags for groceries.

The City of Brownsville held a press conference on Wednesday morning to announce the start of the plastic bag ordinance.

City leaders said they're excited about the initiative and are glad to be the first in the state to do this.

The ordinance prohibits Brownsville businesses from providing plastic bags at checkout stands.

It also requires shoppers to bring their own reusable bags to the stores but plastic bags can be sold for a $1 dollar fee that will go towards environmental programs.

What TMs important to understand is that people can still utilize plastic bags when they buy perishable items at any and all stores that they go to and just be wiser to how much plastic bags are used, how much plastic bags leave the store, said City Manager Charlie Cabler.

City leaders said not all stores will ban plastic bags.

The City of Brownsville also plans to launch a citywide curbside recycling program that will pick up residents recyclable trash.

The trial run will start this Saturday and will involve only certain areas of the city.