Brownsville police chase leads to shooting

Kids who live on Paso Real Street in Brownsville didn't know what to make of the sounds coming from right outside their homes Monday evening.Their parents were breathing a sigh of relief that the kids weren't playing in the street as usual since, on this day, a high speed chase had crossed just feet from their driveways.Brownsville Police say a man driving a truck was trying to get away from an officer who tried to pull him over for reckless driving.As if the first offense wasn't enough, the suspect started driving up and down the crowded neighborhood before turning his truck against the officer chasing him."He threatened the officer by going at him with his vehicle. My officer responded by shooting at the individual numerous times," said Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia.The officer TMs bullets pierced the truck's window and the shoulder of the suspect, but he continued to taunt police making another round through Paso Real until smashing into a large tree and other items near people's curbsides.Finally, the truck stopped moving after nearly getting cut in half.The suspect was pulled out through a window and carted away in handcuffs to the hospital as the kids who run across that street to play with their neighbors watched in disbelief."They were taking the guy with his shoulder wrapped up in the ambulance," said an unidentified boy.