Brownsville police find $364,000 hidden inside car's gas tank

      Brownsville police found $364,000 inside car's gas tank // Brownsville Police Department Photo

      Authorities are investigating how more than $369,000 dollars in cash ended up inside the gas tank of a mini-van.

      The discovery was made following a traffic of a green Plymouth van with Tamaulipas license plates stop around 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

      Investigators told Action 4 News that a K-9 officer alerted authorities to something suspicious in the gas tank area.

      Authorities examined the gas tank and found multiple bundles of cash wrapped in plastic, heat-sealed bags floating in the gasoline.

      Investigators told Action 4 News that the cash totaled $369,840 dollars.

      The 41-year-old driver Carlos Alberto Llanos-Martinez claimed the money wasn TMt his and he didn TMt know how it got there.

      No charges have been filed. Police released Llanos-Martinez pending an ongoing investigation.