Brownsville police raid party at abandoned house

Brownsville police raided party at an abandoned house in this neighborhood

Unwanted house guests partying at a house in Brownsville found themsevles facing criminal charges.

Police arrested a group of seven trespassers over the weekend.

According to police, the partygoers welcomed themselved into an empty home on Frankfurt Street in northwest Brownsville.

The group allegedly knew nobody lived there but neighbors called police.

Police arrested the following seven suspects:

Vanessa Lerma Brittany Solis Brian Paredes Alejandro Esquivel Mario Esquivel Sergio Ortiz III

The seven ranged in ages from 17 to 24 years old.

Police said they found a cooler inside the home filled with alcoholic beverages and one of the suspects also had a marijuana joint on him.

"If you don't have premission to be there you know in this case it's a residence regardless if someone lives there or not, if you don't have permission to be there you're entering a property that you're not allowed to," said Brownsville police spokesman JJ Trevio.

Police encourage people to report any suspicious activity at abandoned homes, which they say can be condicive of illegal criminal activity.

No damages to the house were reported but the suspects are charged with burglary of a building as well as engaging in organized criminal activity.