Brownsville Police talk about ways of preventing teen violence

Seventeen-year-old Adrian Lara caused a standoff with Brownsville Police Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities say at one point the teen had a gun to his head threatening to kill himself.

After nearly two hours, he surrendered.

Ultimately a negotiator was able to talk him down to give up the weapon and turn himself in, said Brownsville Police Spokesman J.J. Trevio.

Police had first tried to arrest Lara in the Southmost area on a warrant for several burglaries, but he ran from officers.

It's unfortunate that we've had these type of incidents lately, said Trevio. But it can be something that can be prevented.

Trevio said he could not release information about how Lara acquired the gun.

But said parents need to be more aware of what their children have access to.

More than anything we need to inform the parents that it is their responsibility, said Trevio. If they are going to have a weapon within the home, make sure that the weapon has a lock. This way regardless if the weapon is found by the child or whomever that it cannot be used.

In the past month, Brownsville has experienced tragic shootings involving teenagers.

Fortunately Lara TMs ended peacefully.

In these type of cases where an individual has a handgun, that particular individual is the one that dictates what actually is the outcome of that particular cases, said Trevio

As a precautionary measure roads were closed and two Brownsville schools were put on lockdown.

Lara was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and deadly conduct Thursday morning.

His bond was set at $53,000.00