Brownsville police urge public's help in finding fugitive

Brownsville Police Interim Chief Orlando Rodriguez said the investigation in the shooting of 21-year-old Yazmin Reyes of Brownsville is complete.

He said it was her ex-boyfriend, 25-year-old Victor Manuel Hernandez, who shot her five times at her home on Keith Lane.

However, Rodriguez said closing the case has become the challenge, since Hernandez is believed to have fled to Mexico to avoid authorities.

"At this point we do believe he is a fugitive in Mexico we think that he may be with family - someone is hiding him out, Rodriguez said.

While Hernandez runs, Reyes, continues her road to recovery.

She lost a kidney as a result of the shooting, and suffered severe damage to one of her hands.

Adrian Reyes, her father, spoke to Action 4 News Friday and said his daughter was in Houston for the first of several hand reconstructive surgeries.

Police said they won't stop until they get justice for the young woman.

"We don TMt know what his mindset is, but he needs to know that we're not going to forget about him and that we're going to continue to look for him, Rodriguez said. We've had cases that have taken years, but he can't run forever."

Adrian Reyes said the family has finally summoned the courage to return to their home.

His daughter, however, still can't stay there because the memory of being shot down in her driveway, still haunts her.

When she visits, her father said, she has to enter the home through the back door.

"The family is staying strong but of course they cannot relax, Rodriguez said. They cannot be comfortable in their own home because the suspect is still on the loose."