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      Brownsville police vow more arrests following gambling raids

      Irbing Sanchez-Delgado // Brownsville Police Department

      Authorities are vowing more arrests following two 8-liner gambling raids at two arcades in northwest Brownsville.

      Brownsville police raided 8-liner arcades off Palmito and Fresnos Streets in the Olmito area of the city on Tuesday morning.

      Investigators arrested 42-year-old Irbing Alejandro Sanchez-Delgado at one arcade and 41-year-old Maricela De La Rosa-Sanchez at the other.

      Authorities seized 140 video gambling machines during raids for illegal cash payouts.

      Both Sanchez-Delgado and De La Rosa-Sanchez have been charged with gambling promotion and possession of gambling device charges.

      Police said more arrests will be made as the investigation continues.