Brownsville Public Works: Peak Season For Mosquitoes

With the recent rains, some people have seen more disease carrying pests like mosquitoes.

The city of Brownsville is taking a proactive approach to battle the insects.

Brownsville Public Works said it is peak season for mosquito activity and it TMs why it TMs also urging residents to do their part to keep the number of pests from growing.

These pesky blood suckers can pack a nasty little bite.

"It TMs awful to get bitten every time by the mosquitoes," said Brownville homeowner Roberto Valencia.

Valencia's home backs this resaca and he said he TMs seen quite a few buzzing around lately.

"After every rain we always have a lot of mosquitoes," claimed Valencia.

That TMs why the city of Brownsville is taking necessary steps to keep them at bay.

Last week, crews were out spraying for mosquitoes.

Public works even set up multiple mosquito traps.

There both steps to keep the mosquito population away.

Valencia appreciates the measures.

"You can tell when they take care and they spray on the outside because you feel the difference. If they do not treat it, you get bitten in a minute so I'm glad the city is taking care of these types of things," he said.

This week, Public Works is handing out notices to residents to cut their overgrown lawns because employees said mosquitoes tend to hide in the tall grass during the daytime.

They're also urging homeowners to get rid of any standing water they may have on their property.

Valencia said he taken those suggestions to heart because he wants to keep his family safe.

"We walk and do sports outside in the outdoors, and we want to stay safe because they bite at every chance they can," said Valencia.

Brownsville Public Works replaces and puts in new mosquito traps every Monday.

What they catch is sent to Austin for testing and so far Health Director Art Rodriguez said all results for West Nile have come back negative.

He hopes it stays that way.

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