Brownsville resident says broken street light invites crime

Brownsville Public Utilities Board

Jack Jew has lived in the Parkview Subdivision in Brownsville for the past 11 years.

However, lately he said things around his neighborhood have been bleak.

"One of the (street) lights has been out for as long as I can remember, Jew said. It seems like something along the lines of two years the one in front of my house that's when it became more of an issue directly with where we live because there's not enough lighting in the house."

Jew is worried about adequate lighting around his home not only because of his wife and three children, but also because he claims crime in the neighborhood is up.

A truck, motorcycle and picnic table have been stolen from his neighbors' homes, he said, along with his own dog, from his backyard.

"When we're away from the house we don't know what we're going to come home to, Jew said. We're basically inviting the wrong crowd in here if we don TMt have these lights fixed - It's certainly allowing (criminals) to feel more comfortable."

The response from the Public Utilities Board, Jew claims, has been inefficient and slow.

Although he's been told the problem would be fixed, he's still waiting for the lights to go on, before his home becomes a target for criminals once again.

"I just want somebody to come and start working on this or at least get some information because I just don't want to be next, he said.