Brownsville robbery spree ends with three arrests

A robbery spree that included a small grocery store and three cell phone stores ended with three arrests.

Brownsville police arrested three people in connection to a string of robberies.

Heather McClaine Esparza and Ramon Gonzalez were arrested Wednesday night.

A third suspect Maximo Mireles was arrested Thursday.

Esparza and Gonzalez confessed to robbing Villarreal's Grocery Store and three Pocket Wireless stores.

Authorities say Gonzalez pulled a gun on the clerk at the grocery store and then threatened to kill her child, who was with her at the time.

"The information that they've given so far is that they're not really into drugs or anything like that, but they were using maing to go eat at restaurants and just buy things for themselves," said Brownsville Police Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique.

All three are facing five counts of aggravated robbery.