Brownsville school board meeting to discuss corruption lawsuit

Special school board meeting

The Brownsville ISD school board is holding a special Monday afternoon meeting to discuss a federal lawsuit alleging acts of corruption and favoritism.

School board members Luci Longoria and Cati Presas filed the "tell-all" lawsuit against their peers in Brownsville's federal court last week.

The lawsuit alleges years of corrupt practices related to school board contracts.

School board members normally meet once a month but called for a special meeting at 12 p.m. today to discuss hiring a lawyer to defend them in the lawsuit.

But the school board had also planned to start "removal proceedings" to have Longoria and Presas unseated from their elected positions.

Both Longoria and Presas wanted to participate in the closed door meeting but the other school board members said it would be a conflict of interest.

School board members decided to table the motion to start removal proceedings against Presas and Longoria but voted to hire two lawfirms to clear their name in the lawsuit.

The board voted 4-0 to hire Bracewell & Giuliani from Houston as well as Brownsville-based law firm Colvin, Chaney, Saenz & Rodriguez.