Brownsville school board member denies allegations of sexual misconduct


Another controversial school board meeting in Brownsville has led to serious accusations against a member of the board.

This time, accusations of sexual misconduct are against board member Cathy Presas-Garcia.

Presas-Garcia denies those allegations.

School Attorney Baltazar Salazar publically made allegations of sexual innuendos, ethical and procedure violations against Presas-Garcia.

She said she was blind-sided by the accusations and is fighting back after Attorney Salazar made serious accusations. "If you think, Mrs. Presas, that I'm going to be your punching bag, I'm not," Salazar said.

He asked the school board at Tuesday night's meeting to censure her for her behavior for the second time this year.

She was first censured in April.

Under Robert's Rules of Orders, a censure is a warning or a way for a board member or members to express discontent with a member's conduct. She's been very disrespectful. She's used some very provocative and sexual innuendos when I have been in front of Mr. Montoya. She's said that if I really wanted to get to know her, I had to sleep with her a couple of nights," Attorney Salazar said.

Shocked and unable to respond to the accusations at the meeting, Presas-Garcia spoke out about the issue after. She firmly denies Salazar's allegations, especially those of sexual innuendos.

She said if anyone has acted inappropriately it has been him.

"He had asked another board member to ask me to please ask me to go have lunch with him, which that is in fact is the truth because I also confronted him at another board meeting and told him ~sir, anything we have to discuss will be strictly BISD business. TM"

Salazar also alleges Presas-Garcia has called him a liar, has made obscene gestures and has said he is incompetent for the job.

Presas-Garcia admits she did not vote for Salazar when he was hired as board attorney and stands firm that he is not qualified for the position he holds.

"That he doesn't like to get questioned of how he is not making sure that he is looking for the best interest of the board, that we don't find ourselves in a legal bind, that's another issue. If he does not like to get questioned then this is not a place for him, Presas-Garcia said.

The board censured Presas-Garcia on a three to two vote.

She is now speaking to an attorney about the matter.

Salazar originally requested to discuss the issues in executive session.

However, Presas-Garcia, not know what the complaints were, asked that it be discussed in open session.

Presas-Garcia has served on the school board since 2008.