Brownsville teen accused of murder wants justice delayed

A Brownsville teen jailed for killing his high school girlfriend was back in court Thursday morning.

Javier De La Rosa appeared in Judge Benjamin Uresti's courtroom asking for additional time to prepare for their trial.

De La Rosa was arrested last year for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Galvan.

They may want to hire experts, so that is why they case was reset for September 15th to have another status hearing to find out where we TMre at. Judge Uresti will give us a trial date said Cameron County Assistant District Attorney Chuck Mattingly.

Autopsy reports showed she TMd been stabbed 48 times.

The one year anniversary of this crime is coming up.

The family is ready for their day in court said the prosecutor.

Del La Rosa is currently being held on a $1,000,000 dollar bond.