Brownsville teen dedicates original song to kids battling cancer

Lizzie Astorga received this week's Pay it 4Ward prize

Lizzie Astorga is an aspiring musician.

Her love for music can be attributed to her late mother, Elizabeth Chavez, who died from cancer a few years ago.

"That was like a wakeup call," she said. "I don't want to end leaving this world without leaving my mark on people."

At 16-years-old, she's already putting her talents to good use.

Lizzie dedicated an original song she posted on YouTube called "Build You Up," to kids battling cancer.

It included a fellow Brownsville teen named Nathan Garcia who's receiving chemotherapy in Houston for a rare form of Leukemia.

His family reached out to Lizzie to say how her song meant the world to him.

"It just felt good to get that feedback," she said.

Lizzie has been invited to a 5-week performance program at the school of her dreams, Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

GEF Financial Agency wants to help send her there, as Karen Gonzalez, spokesperson, explains in this Pay it 4Ward surprise.

"We loved your song," Karen said. "What a beautiful song and what a beautiful message to send to all kids who are battling cancer. And because of that we want to Pay it 4Ward to you and help you with your journey to attain your goals in music. On behalf of Action 4 News and GEF Financial, please put out your hand."

Karen handed Lizzie $400 in cash.

Lizzie put her hand over her mouth and gasped in shock.

"Wait, there's more," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said. "Winter Texans who love the Pay it 4Ward program and appreciate all the kind acts across the Valley wanted to anonymously give back to the community they love so much. So they have doubled this week's prize with $400 more."

Lizzie holds the now $800 dollar prize in her hand and smiles.

"I'm speechless," she said. "I'm so grateful right now. I know my mom is just laughing right now. I hear her. I hear her voice. Thank you."

Lizzie is still in need of financial help to attend Berklee this summer.

If you would like to make a donation, an online account has been set up with more information about her musical journey.

The link is provided below.

Lizzie's GoFundMe Account Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook Page Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter Click here to nominate somebody for the Pay it 4Ward prize