Brownsville teen now convicted murderer

Maria Esther Galvan has waited a year and a half for the conviction of her 17-year-old daughter, Tiffany Galvan TMs, accused murderer.

She said she's now one step closer to ending this chapter of her life, as Thursday Javier de la Rosa declared himself guilty of the murder.

"I TMm happy that he plead guilty," Galvan said following the plea. It took a long time and I just want to find closure."

Now that de la Rosa has admitted to stabbing Tiffany nearly 50 times, back in August of 2010 at Browne Park located just outside Brownsville, it will be up to a jury to decide his punishment.

Galvan's mother is hoping he's given the maximum punishment possible.

"I just, you know, pray to God that the jury gets to see very (carefully), all the evidence that they have, Galvan said. Her death was premeditated, they damaged her, they just threw her there and left her at the park and it was 48 stabs."

Javier de la Rosa TMs family was in court as he plead guilty to murder but did not comment.

However, defense attorney Rick Canales did.

He said 18-year-old de la Rosa took a plea deal and plead guilty to the lesser charge of murder instead of capital murder, because they feel confident the jury will see things their way.

"In this case, we feel that once the jury hears the evidence, hears the rationale, understands the immaturity of my client, his young age and all the factors that are very important to this case and to the defense, I believe that all that TMs going to be taken into consideration," Canales said.

Canales adds that de la Rosa is accepting full responsibility for the murder and feels horrible about all that's happened.

Lead Prosecutor and Chief First Assistant District Attorney Chuck Mattingly said that according to the plea bargain, the defense will not be able to use "sudden passion" as an argument in the sentencing phase.

The jury could decide to sentence de la Rosa to anywhere from five to 99 years behind bars or life with the possibility of parole.

The message there is if you do an adult crime in Cameron County, you will do adult time," Mattingly said.

The jury selection date is set for April 23.