Brownsville teen's head split open, body bruised in basketball court beating

A game of hoops turns into a game of life or death for a Brownsville teen.

"They could have killed him," Gloria Rosas, the victim's aunt said. "They could have killed him."

Gloria doesn't want her 17-year-old nephew's name on Action 4 News, but she does want people to see his shocking injuries from the beating.

"It was a pipe that hit him because he can see on the bruises on his back that there are lines on his back," she said. "They literally saw somebody run to the car to get something and literally hit him on his back."

It's at the basketball court in Morningside Park where she says the attack takes place.

The Porter High School junior is playing with a friend and the friend's girlfriend last Tuesday at 10 o'clock at night when another kid asks to join.

Gloria's nephew tells him "no" because he's wearing sandals, according to the aunt.

A fight ensues.

"8 persons jumped him," she said. "They kicked him, they bruised him, they kicked him on his ribs... He's got all these bruises on his back."

The blows leave the victim unconscious.

He's alone for nearly 90 minutes on the court before finally coming around and then stumbling home about a mile away.

Police take pictures in the emergency room for their criminal case.

The victim needs staples for a head injury that's of great concern to the family because of his history with seizures.

"That blow to the head can cause that seizure to come back," Gloria said. "That's all it was. Just a basketball game."

A game with no winners and no suspects behind the apparent basket-brawl.

Meanwhile, the victim is back in school.

The family is fearful the suspects will strike again.

"Somebody has to be responsible for what did to him," Gloria said.

Police say the park is safe and call this an isolated incident.

They are working with the teen to try and bring justice.

Anyone with information should call Brownsville Police at 546-8477 (TIPS).

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