Brownsville toddler to undergo surgeries after dog attack

Two-year-old Bertha Algarin was asleep when Action 4 News visited her home.

Her face revealed a nightmare she had one week ago.

Five bites mark Bertha's neck and face, all from a dog described as a Collie.

"I just saw he was biting her on the face, and she was crying, said Bertha TMs older sister.

Bertha's mom said Bertha walked into the neighbor's yard.

She said the toddler loves animals and tried hugging the neighbor's dog.

That's when the dog attacked.

Monday, Bertha will travel to San Antonio.

It will be just one of several trips where doctors will try to undo the dog's damage.

The dog is currently under quarantine at an animal shelter in Brownsville.

Workers told Action 4 News the owner has the choice to take the dog home.

The dog TMs owner said she has not made up her mind if she will or not.

Bertha's mom said she does not want the dog to return.

She also said she understands that it wasn TMt all the dog TMs fault.

She urged other parents to watch their kids around animals.

She said she hopes others can avoid the pain her daughter suffered and the pain she'll endure again through numerous reconstructive surgeries.

Bertha TMs mom told Action 4 News Medicaid would cover costs of Bertha TMs surgeries.

She said she is in need of gas money to take Bertha to and from San Antonio.

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