Brownsville woman fights U.S. government for passport

She claims her American right has been violated and says the government has denied her a passport.

Victoria Aguilar was born here in Brownsville by a midwife in 1988 when her parents decided to cross over from Mexico.

She was delivered on 17th and East Van Buren Street at a small clinic that TMs no longer there.

Years after Aguilar was born, her midwife was convicted of selling birth certificates to children that were not born in the U.S.

Even with years of a driver TMs license and a social security number, the U.S. Government believes she was one of those with a false birth certificate and needs more proof of her citizenship.

She graduated from Hanna High School and is now currently enrolled at U.T.B.

Her Attorney says It TMs sad that someone born in the U.S. is being challenged on their rights.

They both plan on fighting her case in a federal court.