Brutal kidnapping caught on tape in Reynosa

Image from @ReynosaFollowFB on Twitter

A shocking video of a bold and brutal kidnapping in Reynosa has received national attention in Mexico and created a flood of comments on-line.

The video shows a man being chased, beaten and thrown in the back of a pickup truck in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street.

It's exactly not clear when the kidnapping happened but the video aired on Televisa's nightly news with Joaquin Lopez-Doriga on Thursday night.

Reynosa residents confirmed on the #reynosfollow hashtag on Twitter that it happened on Boulevard Hidalgo.

The street, which has several large shopping centers, is one of Reynosa's busiest.

Dozens of cars and buses pass by without anyone helping the man. No police were in sight at the of the incident.

It's clear what happened to the kidnapping victim but Reynosa residents reported that the pickup truck was found in a neighborhood on the city's southside.

A number of comments have since filled Twitter, Facebook and different blogs.

Many viewers of the video reported being shocked by the lack of police presence or lack of assistance given to the victim.