Building up SAT Reading Scores

High school SAT reading scores this year were the lowest on record.

The scores are part of the entrance exam requirements at many colleges and universities.

South Texas College wants to remind not only high schoolers but the community as well that there are several programs available to get those reading scores up.

"STC has done a lot of work with our K-12 partners beginning in Elementary school to promote college readiness and do a lot of work through our dual enrollment program, said Dr. Johnson the STC college readiness liaison.

To get through college, STC offers developmental education courses and help from tutors.

Even when students are still in high school, they can take college classes.

STC offers dual enrollment to 19 different school districts in Hidalgo and Starr Counties.

By the end of September a grant from UTPA, will go to work for K-12 teachers.

"A small cohort of about 30 teachers who will be developing college ready assignments and doing what we call curriculum crosswalks, looking at college ready standards...what they are doing and then we can build in ways to enhance the level," said Johnson.

To enhance your child's chances of college success, school officials said children must read regularly.

Noemi Garza is the director of public library services.

She said anyone can use the college's library services.

"A community user can come and get a car, check out materials, use our computers...use all the facilities that we have," said Garza.

That way, it's not just college students reaping the rewards.

Garza said STC also has E-books that you can download.

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