Bullied child beat while waiting for the bus

Lucia Coronado said she feels like her hands are tied.She said she TMs angry that no one will help her, or even give her the time to listen to her concerns.Thursday morning, she witnessed two elementary kids allegedly beating her son."From this distance more or less, I saw somebody on the floor and they were kicking him on the floor it was 2 kids, " Coronado said.Coronado said she ran over to where they were and yelled for them to stop.She picked up 7-year-old Kevan Castro from the floor and made sure he was okay.That's when the bus pulled up and the boys got in.The frantic mother explained to the driver what happened. Coronado even went to Dr. Rodriguez Elementary in Harlingen to report what happened.She claims she was told nothing could be done, since the beating did not take place on school grounds."I feel anger, frustrated because of the system that we have here and I TMm not even talking about the city, I don TMt know if it TMs only Cameron County or the whole state| [How you as parents would feel]? Put yourself in my situation," Coronado said.Coronado's next step was to report the incident to the Cameron County Sheriff's Department, she claims a report was taken but nothing could be done.Action 4 News spoke to Sheriff Omar Lucio who said, the reason they can't respond, is because this is a school issue. He said that under the the Public Education Code it states that if the victim is getting to school property it becomes a school issue.Coronado said all she wants to do is protect her child."What do we have to do? Why do we have to wait for it to be serious consequences for them to do something about it," Coronado said.Action 4 News spoke to Harlingen CISD spokesperson Shane Strubhart, they stated they take these types of reports seriously.Strubhart said Principal Traci Gonzalez will be making contact with Ms. Coronado and take appropriate action.Harlingen CISD said there TMs a protocol a parent must follow. The first step is contacting the principal and if needed contact the superintendent.Click here to follow Veronica on FacebookClick here to follow Veronica on Twitter