Bullied second grader brings knife to school in Weslaco

Authorities are investigating an incident where a bullied 8-year-old boy brought a knife to school in Weslaco.

The second grade student who attends Margo Elementary School, took out a knife as a teacher approached him on Monday morning.

The teacher confiscated the knife and called campus security according to Weslaco Superintendent Dr. Ruben Alejandro.

No one was injured but Weslaco police are investigating the incident.

Alejandro told Action 4 News that the boy was receiving counseling prior to the incident and had previously transferred from another Weslaco school.

The superintendent also said the district trains its employees for incidents like these and feels that the teacher handled the situation appropriately.

The boy is currently not attending school while he attends counseling.

Alejandro says the district will take disciplinary action against the student when he returns which will most likely include in school suspension.

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