Bullied teen tries to commit suicide

Bullied teen "Lilyâ?? has already tried to take her own life twice

She's only 14-years-old and already a girl we'll call Lily has already tried to take her own life twice.

It's a story that is very hard to tell since she tries to stay off the radar and away from more ridicule, but since we're hiding her identity, Lily feels comfortable talking about her issues with bullies especially if she can help someone else in her position.

"They make fun of my hair and my clothes and the way I look. I don TMt know why they hate me."

Sounds like something most people experience sometime in their lives and no surprise at all when middle school girls are involved, but Lily says the bullying she endures on a daily basis has taken over her life.

"I can't concentrate in class, they follow me to class and say stuff to me. They locked me in the restroom and beat me up."

She has cried out to her teachers and other staff at school and says the more the bullies get in trouble the more they torment her and try to get back at her for telling on them.

It's a vicious cycle she thought would only stop if she took herself out of the equation.

"I just didn't want to live anymore. I tried to commit suicide, I cut myself."

Luckily, she has her mom on her side who also shows up at the junior high in Elsa to ask that more be done to stop the girls from hounding her daughter.

Police have also been notified.

Both say not much is being done and the girls just threaten to take their physical attacks off school grounds at her own house.

"They are so mean to me. I go to the office to tell them but they don TMt do anything."

She's slowly getting her confidence back, but knows regardless of how hard she tries to ignore the bullies at school, they won't stop unless adults do their part and step in.

We took the issue to Edcouch-Elsa ISD TMs superintendent who says he will look into the matter and wants to meet with the student and the parents immediately.