Burglar caught on camera

A Hidalgo County man is encouraging his neighbors to install security cameras around their homes after he caught a criminal who broke into his house last weekend.

Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs deputies still haven't found the man that broke into Jesus Cantu TMs house last weekend, but Mr. Cantu has a pretty good idea of what he looks like.

"The alarm didn't set off because he didn't pull up the window. Very smart, but not smart enough to not put the camera in his face, Cantu said.

While the Cantu family was at the beach last weekend, a man broke into the house and stole $6,000 worth of jewelry and personal belongings.

After Cantu's van was vandalized a month ago, he installed a security camera system around the home.

Thanks to a live feed he receives on his phone, last Saturday night he quickly saw something was wrong.

"We noticed the intruder was messing with the cameras, pushing them down, right before he broke in the house, Cantu said.

He called police but unfortunately it was too late - the intruder was already gone when they arrived.

But thanks to the cameras, Cantu is hopeful they will catch him.

"Whatever it takes, we are going to get this guy behind bars, somehow, anyhow, Cantu said.

Cantu says he is glad he spent the extra money and bought high quality cameras.

"I do advise (to) get the best cameras there is because when you need the picture you want quality, Cantu said.

If you have any information that may help investigators call the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office at 383-8114.

Cantu says he is offering a reward for anyone that can help identify the burglar.

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