Burglar targets three businesses in downtown Weslaco

Weslaco Police are looking for the man that burglarized three businesses over the weekend.

Carmen Pulido, the owner of one of Nena TMs Beauty Salon, one of the business targeted said it happened early Friday morning.

According to Pulido, the man made his way through an abandoned business then crossed the hall to her beauty salon.

The man kicked the door open, leaving a hole on the wall, and then barged inside destroying anything in his path.

"Everything was on the floor, my cash register was in pieces and the desks were turned upside down, Pulido said.

She added that the man took off with the 500 dollars inside the register, plus a laptop and other electronics.

"We fled Mexico because of the violence and that situation," said Pulido. But here it TMs almost the same.

But besides the break in, Pulido is unhappy with how police responded.

"It left me with a sour taste, she said. They took about 30 minutes to get here.

But Officer JP Rodriguez, the public information officer for Weslaco Police, said calls for assistance spike on Thursday night, going into the weekend, and they must decide how to respond.

"Sometimes the response may be categorized in a lower priority because the burglary has already occurred, he said. An in progress crime would of course take priority."

Regardless of response times, Officer Rodriguez added that the department is serious about solving the burglary.

Officers collected blood samples left behind by the burglar as he sacked the shop and are awaiting lab results to identify him.

"We want them to have faith in our police department and to know that we're definitely working on the case," he advised.

For her part, Pulido is also hoping someone knows who he is and reports him.

Despite what he did to her business, Pulido has forgiving words for the burglar.

"I forgive him, she said. I forgive him with all my heart; I am no one to judge him. However, Pulido believes he needs to pay for what he did.

Weslaco Police are working on getting surveillance video of the burglary to help identify the suspect.

Anyone with information on the burglar TMs identity or his whereabouts can call Weslaco Crime Stoppers at (956) 968-TIPS, or (956) 968-8477.