Burglarized Edinburg neighborhood feels ignored by county officials

A neighborhood outside of Edinburg says they have had enough, and are coming together to demand attention from the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department, as well as their county commissioners.

They say until their voices are heard, crime will continue to strike their homes.

The Pueblo de Palmas subdivision may seem like a safe place to live.

However, neighbors that live here say they are always in fear of what will happen next.

"You call the sheriff, and they TMll tell you 'well we can't be there all the time, TM said neighbor Oscar Perez. I'm not asking them to be there all the time, I'm just asking them to get here on time so that we can at least do something about the thieves. "

Thieves that apparently strike only at night, breaking into homes and stealing anything in sight.

Maricela Hernandez says she was a victim of one of these burglaries.

She called the sheriff's department right away, but she says they did not arrive until three hours later.

She blames deputies for neglecting her neighborhood, and she also blames the fact that there are no lights along their streets.

Neighbors say they have begged and pleaded with their city commission for help.

Action 4 News spoke with Hidalgo County Pct. 4 Commissioner Joe Palacios about this neighborhood.

He says there is a program where the government can provide lights for neighborhoods that discourage burglars from acting in the night.

However, Palacios says since these lights are federally funded, they are usually given to lower income neighborhoods, and this neighborhood does not qualify.

"Something needs to be done, said neighbor Dinorah Garza. We're having to take care of each other, being awake all night and then working full time during the day. You know, it gets exhausting."

Commissioner Palacios says the neighborhood can organize a homeowners association in order to get lights for their streets.

He also says he is working closely with the sheriff's department to get more patrol cars to survey the area at night.