Burglars destroy San Benito home and kill puppy

A San Benito woman said she lives in fear after burglars destroyed her home and killed her puppy.

Ashley, who does not want to be identified, said walking into her home was like walking into a nightmare.

"[My son] just kept calling his name, Taco! Taco! And my dog was just helpless."

Ashley said the house was completely turned upside down, with broke frames, clothes thrown carelessly throughout the house, holes in the walls, and busted doors.

It all happened on Tuesday morning when a neighbor saw a suspicious car in the victim's driveway.

Police immediately responded, leading to a high speed chase that ended in the arrest of two suspects, 37-year-old Norberto Partida and his common law wife, 18-year-old Betzy Sanchez.

There was a third suspect in the vehicle, but he got away.

Police also discovered the getaway car was a stolen vehicle out of Pharr.

What's worse is the arrested couple had their 10-month-old baby girl inside the van while they were burglarizing the house and running from police.

"It was a good call, said Det. Rogelio Banda with San Benito Police. That's why we encourage citizens, every time they see suspicious activity, to go ahead and call their local law enforcement."

The couple is charged with burglary of a habitation and child endangerment.

But Partida is also facing theft by possession charges, and will be charged with one other crime that broke the hearts of this innocent family.

"What happened when you came home? What happened to your puppy?" asked Action 4 TMs Hannah Linn.

"We saw our puppy dead, said ~Ashley TMs young daughter. It broke our hearts."

The family is now without hundreds of dollars in electronics, jewelry, and valuable possessions.

However, Ashley says the pain of losing material things cannot compare to the pain of losing little Taco, who was a special a part of their family.

"What could he have possibly done to them for him to deserve that?" she said.