Burglars hit church three times in one week

An accused burglar and his girlfriend are behind bars in connected to stolen goods from a church in Raymondville.

First Baptist Church was burglarized three times in just one week.

Detective Sgt. Andres Maldonado with the Raymondville Police Department explained that burglaries happen, and thieves don't discriminate.

"Sadly we've had our Catholic church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, broken into," said Sgt. Maldonado.

He said it unfortunately happens far too often.

In fact, a local church, First Baptist of Raymondville, was broken into three times last week.

"It's just a matter of them seeing what they want, and trying to go get it-knowing that there TMs electronics in churches," said the detective.

Early Tuesday afternoon, a tip led them to Adolfo Conde Jr., who is now facing charges of burglary of a building.

He was found at his girlfriend's house and investigators said she lied to them, which is why she now faces charges of harboring a fugitive.

Detectives believe Conde broke into the church multiple times through the North side door, and took items like video projectors.

Police said Conde went back one more time because he forgot about the receivers.

Maldonado said these break-ins are costly for churches, which are funded through donations.

"I know funds are tight everywhere. Surveillance equipment any type of cameras... It TMs sad to say, but it is needed with that here. We have a lot of burglaries. Luckily, our officers are doing a great job of going on patrol but sometimes it does happen. It relies basically on citizens helping out, which in this case was helpful today," said Maldonado.

Investigators said it was an anonymous tip that led to the recovery of the stolen items. Raymondville PD said they will be returned to the church later Tuesday.