Burglars steal christmas gifts from Port Isabel storage facility

Thieves break into storage facility in Port Isabel

Just five days from Christmas, thieves break into several units at a storage facility overnight in Port Isabel.

Ida Martinez said she rented out a unit at Tarpon Self Storage to keep her items locked away in a safe place. Friday morning, Martinez woke up to an unpleasant surprise.

"We have TVs in there, we have sofas, microwaves, and they didn TMt take anything. All they took were our Christmas gifts. We had Christmas gifts on layaway, getting everything our kids asked for, and they just took everything," said an upset Martinez.

She found her padlock tossed on the ground and showed us where the thieves had cut right through it. The Cameron County Sheriff's Office is investigating the overnight break-in at the facility. They told us the burglars attempted to break into 16 different storage units,

but only managed to get into three.

"It really does hurt. They just come and they think they have the right to take what doesn TMt belong to them and they don TMt, said Martinez, "I work to provide for my kids- to get them what they want for Christmas because they expect Santa Claus to come and drop of these

gifts and now I don TMt have them," she said.

Martinez had finally saved enough to buy her three children bicycles for Christmas. She said the break-in is devastating.

I would have preferred them take everything else from my unit and left me those Christmas items because everything else over the year can be replaced, but the gifts mean more for to me than any items-the gifts were my priority," explained Martinez.

Action 4 spoke to the manager of the storage facility. He said all tenants are offered an insurance policy to cover the contents of their unit.

We asked Martinez why she did not take advantage of this policy. She claimed she could not afford to purchase it, but in hindsight she said it would have been worth the extra expense.