Burglary Stymies Harlingen Grande Theatre Renovation

It was a disheartening discovery for the owner of the Grande Theatre, who has been trying to renovate the historical building for community use.

Xavier Jaramillo said it has not only put a damper on his spirit, but it TMs also put a bigger hole in his pocket.

"I guess I just felt violated that's really the only thing I can do..I felt raped really," said the owner.

Xavier Jaramillo is devastated.

This is where they broke in, he said.

Jaramillo said the back door was left wide open.

He believes the burglars sawed through the bolt and kicked the door in.

They stole tools, electronics, and worst of all fuses and copper wiring - leaving the theatre without power.

"They just helped themselves to everything," said a shocked Jaramillo.

He bought the Grande Theatre last November.

He has a vision for this piece of Harlingen history.

"I want this to be a sanctuary for performers, artists|"

He wants to give back and hopes this place will not only inspire, but also reignite a sense of pride among his community.

"I want people that are thirsty for spirit to be able to come here and just find themselves, find love, and find peace within themselves and to really learn to value themselves because just like this area. It TMs on the up and up, but for a long time it was run down it was thrown away," he said.

He said that TMs why he can't help but take the theft personally.

"When I see it, I feel like I'm really trying to do something to help and they don TMt care, you know?"

It TMs a quite a setback, but Jaramillo pushes forward hoping that his dream of a youth performing arts center will soon become a reality.

Jaramillo said it will cost an estimated one-million dollars to complete the renovation of Grande Theatre, but believes when completed it will be worth every penny.

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