Burglary suspects caught after stolen washer/dryer falls from truck

Three burglary suspects are behind bars after a stolen washer/dryer fell from the back of their truck.

Harlingen police confirmed the arrests took place in San Benito around 3 p.m. Friday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that whole inside started on Queen Sago Drive on Harlingen TMs far west side.

Police said the team of burglary suspects stole property from a home there.

But a washer/dryer fell from the back of their truck around Stuart Place Road and the frontage road of Expressway 83.

Authorities put out an alert for the truck and undercover officer spotted it headed towards San Benito city limits.

Both San Benito and Harlingen police arrested the men on Panchita Street in San Benito.

The men TMs names are not being released at this time.